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ESET Firewall!? Need help!

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Hi there,


I'm basically trying to host my Minecraft server from my computer, so people over the internet can freely join the server. (Public server)

But noone can join my server. I have tried every guide out there on how to remove the protection on the firewall, etc etc. But nothing works.


So my questions.


1. Can I remove ESET firewall, or do I have to remove the entire program? I have used ESET Nod32 for probably 4-5 years now and don't feel like changing.


2. If I can't remove it, how can I disable it? How can I let people come thru the Firewall and connect to my server. I just had to disable Windows Firewall with an easy button and everything worked out just fine. Am I able to do that?


3. As we all know, ESET takes control over Windows Firewall. Is there something I can do to use it again? To take control and just have the ESET firewall on timeout?


It has to be an easy way for this, going nuts here.


Thanks for the answers. :)




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No you can't remove eset firewall, it is a integrated part of the product. But as a holder of a valid Eset smart security license, then you can choose to shift between nod32 or Eset smart security. There is a way to disable Eset Smart security firewall, but that should be only done to troubleshoot an major issue. If you disable your firewall, ( and that should not be a solution), or running without some sort of firewall, then you will definitely expose your system to attack. So what to do? (this is just some ideas) You can download nod32, use your license from Eset smart security, insert it, and run nod32 with windows own firewall, which actually is a great firewall. Or you can try to, set Eset's  firewall in interactive mode for a while (remember to reboot after you have set it in interactive mode), so it can create the rules necessary. Then after a while, set the firewall back in automatic mode with exceptions and reboot. See if that helps, on your situation. You can also create a log of all connections blocked by the ESET Personal firewall, and send it to Eset's Customers care, with a description of your issue. As said , just some ideas.....


Regards Janus

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