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File Security for Win & McAfee stalls on file copy

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I have eset file security (6.5.12017.0) on a 2012 server, and McAfee Endpoint security (10.6) on a Windows 10 box.  If I try to copy a one line text file from the client to the server it stalls for around 10 seconds.  I can't see any massive CPU spikes on either client or server, procmon offers no help either.  If I disable on-access scanning at either the server, or the client the copy is instantaneous.  Copying from the server to the client is also instantaneous.  Copying a larger file from client to server has the 10 second initial delay then copies at a usual rate.

If anyone can shed any light on what else I can try to track the issue down, I'd be most grateful.  Also if you have a machine that you can test and reproduce the issue that would be helpful too.


Many thanks,


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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Matt,

10 seconds seems like some timeout to me, later broken by some watchdog.

Our endpoint has possibility to disable scanning of network drives, no idea about the McAfee Endpoint security, if there is something similar try to disable it to see if it helps.

If not I would advise you to wait for the ESET Files Security v.7, which should come out quite soon, if it won't we may try to troubleshoot the issue further,..

Regards, P.R.

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  • Administrators

Please provide ELC logs as well as Procmon logs from both machines from successful replication of the issue.

For instructions how to create a Procmon log, refer to https://support.eset.com/kb6308/. Make sure to enable advanced output in the menu prior to reproducing the issue.

When done, upload the logs to a safe location and drop me a personal message with download links.


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Please ignore.  I've since discovered that this file copy and stall occurs to a FreeNAS box running no AV.  Looks like it's McAfee on the endpoints causing the issue.




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  • 2 weeks later...

I would recommend switching from McAfee endpoints to ESET Endpoints which should provide superior protection and increased endpoint performance.

You could also install ERA or the new ESMC to deploy and manage the endpoints centrally from your server. :)



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