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ESET downgrading SSL connection to my site only


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I have noticed that for some reason ESET is downgrading my site's SSL connection from HTTP/2 to HTTP/1.1. I have found that I could prevent this behavior either by disabling HTTPS protocol checking altogether in the settings or by adding my site's SSL certificate to the list of Eset's known certificates and selecting the "Scan action -> ignore" setting.

Question is, why does ESET do this with my own website specifically? Other sites with HTTP/2 enabled do not get downgraded to HTTP/1.1 even with ESET default settings.
Could someone please shed some light on this matter?
My website is: https://www.rotate4all.com
I've attached a screenshot as well.
Thank you.


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HTTP/2 is not supported (will be soon). If you want to use HTTP/2 for connections to your website, exclude the certificate used by your website from scanning in the meantime.

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