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EMSX 6.5 Mail transport rules - log to events/ mail notification

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We have ESET Mail Security v. 6.5.10019.0 and Exchange Server 2013 and I have a question. We created some rules for the mail-transport-protection - to block mail with unallowed attachment types.

I have a queistion regarding - Action part - "Format od event messages". Now I have this:

Rule "%RuleName%" applied.

Sender: %Sender%
Recipient: %Recipients%
Subject: %Subject%

But I want to add also attatchment name in message (to be able to analyze what type of attachments are blocked but also to find out what attachmnet types are going through aur mail system )

If I add another line like this

Attachment: %Attachment%

But I don't get attachment name in event or mail message. I get something like this:


18.7.2018 7:51:35 - During execution of Mail server protection on the computer MAIL01, the following event occurred: Rule "Nedovoljene priponke ISB" applied.
Sender: xxx@yyy.si

Recipient: izzz@intesasanpaolobank.si

Subject: Seminar Izpodbijanje dolznikovih pravnih dejanj in tozbe zoper dolznike

Attachment: %ATTACHMENT%


So, I can see that recognizes variables are for sure  "%RuleName%, %Sender%, %Recipients%, %Subject% . What about other supported variables ? For now I need only  attachment name or even better - attachment type.



Dean Lazar

Intesa SanPaolo Bank Slovenia

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  • ESET Staff

Hi Dean,

All available keywords are mentioned in tooltip for "Format of event messages"

Attachment name keyword will be available in EMSX v7 (%ATTNAME%, %ATTSIZE%). We improved the mailserver log in v7 as well so you will see all blocked attachments in mailserver log detail.

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