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Remote Management of ESET File Security on Failover Cluster

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Hi everyone,

currently I am evaluating if it makes sense to install ESET FIle Security on our Hyper-V Failover Cluster nodes. On the virtual machines ESF is already running fine. The nodes are Windows Server 2016 (Core) with out-of-the-box Defender at the moment. Before testing myself I have 3 questions.

  1. Is ESET File Security supported on these nodes? Has anybody experiences in a setup like this?
  2. Will management through ERA be the only possible way of changing settings (as there will be no gui)?
  3. I've seen that there are seting regarding "ESET Cluster" with I think I need to set. And as I understand these will synchronize settings between the cluster nodes. Will this interfere with ERA management? Or are these settings not needed? Wha is the way to go here?


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