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License for Manual Activation

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On several machines, I can push the install of ESET from ERA but they will not activate.

When I try to activate manually, I am asked for a license key.

Where can I get a license key to do a manual activation?

Are there any downsides to activating manually?

Yes I have tried an activation task and made sure the firewall was turned off. Just not working.


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  • Administrators

1, From the ERA console you send a product activation task where you also select a license to be used for activation. Make sure that you have added your license in Admin -> License management:


2, You receive a license key shortly after the purchase within a registration email. It doesn't matter if you activate Endpoint manually on a client or from ERA.

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Marcos, than you for your reply.

I have created an Activation Task and have tried to activate the client this way. It fails.  Most of the time when I push the AV installation it will activate automatically. Sometimes it does not activate. THIS is the situation I am trying to get past.

When I say 'activate manually,' that means I am logging into the machine, opening ESET and am being presented with this screen:

Is there an activation key that I can get from my ERA Console to activate this client manually? If not what is the resolution? Thanks.


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  • ESET Staff

When you have purchased a valid ESET license, you either got an username / password or a license key (you can exchange UN/Pass for key at ela.eset.com).

Btw, How you have added the license into ERA? If via security admin account, you can also use it for activation locally in the client, option is present on the activation screen.

Also, please verify that system has connectivity to https://edf.eset.com/edf

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