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ESET Smart Security 5 (ekrn.exe - High Memory Usage)

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ESET Smart Security 5


In task manager the image name (ekrn.exe with a description of ESET SERVICE) is consuming the highest memory usage which slows down my system specially when it updates Virus database.


Is there any possibility to make less usage memory and make my system runs fast


- Real time file system protection is running

- Always online for update


Kindly provide some solution


Thanks a million



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What do you mean by highest memory usage? Does ekrn.exe use more than 150 MB of memory on your system? Have you tried installing the latest v7 to see if it makes a diiference?

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When I used V5 on Win XP ekrn.exe used around 80-100MB of RAM wich is Normal, and it's not the RAM usage that slows you down.

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Lets not get swex started

He has 512mb of ram and his computer runs fine with eset lol.

Hmmmm why not  :(  :D


Edit: I really should but that last line of text in my sig as a "quote" so people know that ESET runs fine on last century hardware too.... Mission accomplished  ;)

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