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is it this software false postive or malware?

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Hi all ..
I want to analyze this software (disk-defrag-pro-setup). Is this software harmful or not, even though I have written to the manufacturer of this software via their website, where they told me that the communication is false by some antivirus, including nod32. .. For those who want to download the market ware of attachments and give us the final result about this controversial software fact and incidentally this site report (virustotal) about this software .. Wait for your opinions and responses from everyone, and I am sorry for the delay and thank you all.


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It is neither a false positive nor malware but a potentially unwanted application. For information what PUAs are, please refer to https://support.eset.com/kb2629/. It is at users' discretion if they enable PUA detection or not. If you think that benefits of using a particular PUA outweigh possible risk, you can exclude a particular PUA from detection by expanding the yellow alert window and selecting "Exclude signature from detection".

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Posted (edited)

As far as a PUA detection, one needs to perform "due diligence" in regards to such a classification. That includes "using your fingers" to search prior Eset forum postings in regards to prior Auslogics software detections in this category. Also doing the  same via Internet search engines.

Also note that PUA and like classed detections are not limited to just installer undesirable bundled software but can also include the vendor's business practices in regards to deceptive and misleading software generated recommendations and the like.

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