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Dark Web shops selling RDP connections on the cheap


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Again if you're a SMB, you really need to lockdown your RDP access.


A penny-pinching cybercriminal doesn't even have to break a $20 bill to gain the credentials to hack into an institution as critical as a major metropolitan airport, according to McAfee study.

McAfee Advanced Threat Research team conducted a study of the Dark Web and found many online platforms selling remote desktop protocol (RDP) access to machines previously hacked. One of which offered access to a device associated with a major international airport could be bought for only $10.

“Attacking a high-value network can be as easy and cheap as going underground and making a simple purchase. Cybercriminals like the SamSam group only have to spend an initial $10 dollars to get access and are charging $40K ransom for decryption, not a bad return on investment,” wrote John Fokker, McAfee's head of cyber investigations for McAfee Advanced Threat Research.

Obtaining the RDP connections is a simple matter of scanning the web for systems that accept RDP connections and then launching a brute force attack to uncover the credentials.


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