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2 HIPS 2 Many?


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I need an AV & I like the idea that NOD32 has HIPS. However, I am a long-time user/lover of PrivateFW (PFW), which also has a HIPS ... of sorts. It can readily be turned on or off.

Two questions:
1) Is anyone here running PFW in concert with NOD32? If so, do they play nicely together?
2) As to its "user-configurability", is NOD32's HIPS: (a) very user-configurable? OR (b) somewhat user-configurable? OR (c) not configurable?


Be nice to me! I'm new here. :unsure:

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3 hours ago, bellgamin said:

As to its "user-configurability", is NOD32's HIPS

It is very user configurable if you know what to do.

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There really is no comparison between PFW and the Eset HIPS.

PFW is an archaic product that has been minimally modified over the years to make it compatible for later Win OS releases. On Win XP or at a stretch, Win 7, it might be OK to use. I certainly wouldn't use on Win 10. Also its firewall is not that great and you are better served using the Windows firewall, or purchase Eset Internet or Smart Security.

View Eset's HIPS as primarily used for self-defense purposes; both for Eset itself and critical OS areas such as system directories and the registry. It also has internal rules for exploit and ransomware protection. It is best described as "somewhat user-configurable" with user rules creation on the exception basis only recommended. It's training mode feature is not like any I have ever encountered. It not only will create a process rule per se, but will create a rule for ever activity that the process can perform. The result is so many rules are created, any manual maintenance of the HIPS is almost impossible. There is no way to sort or order the rules. They are listed in the order of creation with allow rules always executing prior to any ask or block rules. As far as the protection features within the rules themselves, they are excellent.

I would not run PFW and the Eset HIPS concurrently. Just use the firewall portion of PFW if so desired. There also might be a conflict there since I believe Eset NOD32 now includes IDS protection. 

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