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False Positive for Tube Dimmer


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Hello, We are flagged as a variant of Win32/ExFriendAlert.B. We are not bad or malicious.  We are ad supported software that users request to download thru our marketing partners via opt-ins. We make it easy for users to uninstall us if they no longer want our app's. Can you please remove this flag?  You can access the file here: 



Is there a way to get our apps white listed?  Can we submit new apps or builds to you in advance to be pre screened and approved - white listed?


Thank you very much,


Lee Mills

Vice President




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Thanks for your post.


This may help you better understand what is going on :

What is a potentially unwanted application?


I have a feeling that ESET is not flagging your software as a threat/malware/trojan but as a PUA.


PUA detection is something that is not turned on by default and is chosen as a feature and second level of protection included in the antivirus software at the time of install.

Users could choose not to enable it and software might not be flagged.


ESET may correct me if i am wrong, but i do not think you can be removed from that list if your software contains advertising or marketing.


Hope this helps.

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As Arakasi explained, your app will most likely be detected if the user have enabled the detection of PUA's (Potentially Unwanted Application) in ESET. So it is not a False Positive, and if ESET would start to whitelist PUA's then some ESET users would probably start to look for a replacement AV as soon as possible. 

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