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UEFI and BIOS malware


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dear ESET users,

sorry to tell you, but there is a bad uefi root-bootkit turninig its circles. The problem is, that if you infect your pc / mac with an infected usb you cannot get rid of it.

it loads a secondary stage from the internet, undependent of the OS. In my opinion there is a hidden filesystem driver (EFI) that makes the intruders possible to

set you permissions in files and folders, install any other malware, etc,..

sectors on the hdd and stick are not correct, i cannot figure it out a better way because they are able to manipulate the Linux shells, Windows cmd line and Mac OS terminal.

it does invisible ethernet connections, you may not be able to see it in yout OS.










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It is unclear if you are infected with UEFI malware?

Eset's latest version of NOD32 and Internet/Smart Security should be able to detect the presence of UEFI malware via the default Smart scan. Did it detect anything? Note that the Smart scan can't remove the UEFI malware.

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