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ESET Updates

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We are using ESET endpoint security 6X product and  need to know few things about updates.

1.Typical update size of detection engine update?

2.Frequency of updates?

3.Typical bandwidth requirement for updates recommended by ESET?

4.Recommended configuration by ESET to avoid network usage?

Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated.


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1, Taking into account only basic modules that are released with each update (ie. the engine, the rapid response module and the antispam module), the last update was 14,305 + 46,450 + 21,898 bytes, ie. ~83 kB in total. It depends also on other modules that are released at times and also on how many updates a particular client has missed.

2, There are 6 updates during work days, 4 during weekends.

3, If you use an http proxy to cache update files, only the necessary files needed by clients will be downloaded. In an ideal case, with an http proxy in use clients would download ~500 kB + some data for LiveGrid per day in total.

4, I don't understand this question, please elaborate. The recommended configuration are default settings.

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