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empty package list

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Hopefully this is a quick answer for someone but i am going in circles trying to figure this out. really should call support.

Does anyone know what to do when the package list fails to populate with other ESET products? (screenshots attached)

just want to push out an uninstall command for eset anti-virus so we can then push out an install for eset endpoint security.



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  • ESET Staff

When you open client details of one clients with ESET AV, and check subsection with list of installed applications, does it contain ESET Endpoint Antivirus? If so, there should be column named "Agent supports uninstall", what value it has for AV? Asking because dialog for selecting products for uninstallation will list only those products that do support silent uninstallation. To my understanding, current ESET AV versions should do support silent uninstallation, but you have not mentioned what version you are actually using?

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