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another false positive - winrar sfx

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When I create a winrar sfx, it's being detected by nod32.

Looks like no matter, if i Use %appdata%, or %userprofile%, or %temp%, or whatever, it's being detected.


with %temp% it's being detected as: RAR/Agent.L trojan

and with %appdata%: RAR/Agent.O trojan


the settings are:


;The comment below contains SFX script commands
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Good day Jessy


Lets start with providing some more background about what your trying to archive and compress ?

What code is behind apply.vbs file ?


All the other info you provided is irrelevent besides the infection name.

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veremo, i'm simply reporting a false positive.

there's no suspecious of what i posted, and it's clearly a false detection, but being able to use the sfx commands.

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You try to silently run .vbs from self-extract RAR.. It is suspicious.

If you want to use it yourself just add it to exceptions, if you are going to make public - just don't do it, it will be flagged by more AVs I guess.

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