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it is not possible to connect to the ESET Remote Administrator Server

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I am having real problems communicating with new servers I am creating in my environment. They are 2016 standard Windows Servers
From the ERA server, I can add the server by IP address and it picks up the name.
From the ERA server I can use NSlookup and pink to talk to the new server
I can schedule tasks to run but they never complete.

From the new server I try to install locally and when it gets to the prompt screen "connection to the remote administration server" - the next button gives me the message "it is not possible to connect to the ESET Remote Administrator Server"

I have turned off firewalls on both the ERA and the new server.

I have recreated a new set of credentials to log in to the ERA server and given them admin privs

Any thoughts? This is driving me nuts. Should be really simple.

Any ideas on more troubleshooting steps I can take?




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  • ESET Staff

Could you please verify that port 2223 of ERA is actually available from client machine, for example using telnet/ssh client? Just opening connection should be enough to verify.

I would also recommend to capture full installation log, so that we can check whether it is problem with connection itself, or maybe with configuration ... to do so, you have to start installation from command line, for example using:

msiexec /i "C:\agent_x64.msi" /L*V "C:\agent_installation.log"

which should start installation with UI, with trace logging into file.


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