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Using Wildcards in Web And Mail excluded application list


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I have an app that is located in %userprofile%\Folder\ and I need to exclude it's path from Web And Mail. Using the full path did the job but the problem is that it must be done from a policy because I have more that 100 clients. Using the system variable %userprofile% it's not working and I think the reason is that the scanner is under administrator context and my app is under a local account.

I tried paths like:





I would really want to keep Protocol Filtering enabled and I hope there is a solution to exclude this application.

Thank you.

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What kind of application is it? If it communicates with a specific server, it should be enough to exclude the IP address of the server.

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Excluding only the server it's not enough as the application get blocked when it tries to download the update module that updates the application. The application is a in house solution for inventory and audit purposes. 

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