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Online Scanner crashed at 99% (latest version)

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All my PCs (4 PCs, 2 servers) spontaneously got infected with the W64/Kryptik Trojan, so I desperately found an online scanner to run the cleanup, and 7 infections were found. After about 9 hours of scanning, the program crashed.  I noticed that a few hundred other people had the same problem but with an older version (version 2, I believe) than whatever was available yesterday (18-06-27) from the website. Running Windows 8.1 x64 , updates through today: June 25, 2018. Trojan disabled my AV software (FPROT) and my anti spyware (Spybot S&D), Firewall on.  
Regardless, I'm scanning from the latest rescue disc, so I can't post a dump file (I was not running anything I can think of to cause this, but 9 hours of wasted time was upsetting - now I get to do it all over again) right now. Judging by the posts here, this a very common problem. This does not bode well for the image of ESET as a whole being that the most expensive Anti-Malware program on the market is unstable, who would trust it for their business (my clients run ESET as per my recommendations, I'm thinking I may have made a mistake)?

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Ran a complete scan on another machine using the Rescue CD, ESET was unable to find the W64/Kryptik trojan (nor its spawns). Very disturbing news. So much for promise of zero-day protection.

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