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Unable to install AIO installer to clients

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i'm unable to install the package created with ERA Console to any client. The installar launches, then it stops when it' about to install the ERA agent.

so far i've tried to install all the windows updates and various secondary support packages such as vc++, etc.  i'm sure the system is clean and up to date.

log files attached




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  • ESET Staff

Installer is using hostname SERVERHP.FORO_TRAIANO.local as your ERA SERVER's hostname to be used by installed AGENTs. Unfortunately this hostname is not considered as valid because of "_" which is considered by respective RFC as an invalid character. When creating installer, there is possibility to override default value of hostname in advanced section of configuration -> please use valid network hostname or IP address. Be aware that this IP/hostname has to be present in SERVER's certificate, expecially in case certificate is not signed for all hostnames (wildcard *).

Have you actually overridden previously mentioned hostname, or this "underscore" hostname was provided by default?

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It was provided by default.

I'm about to try the solution proposed, I'll update with the outcome.




with the suggested change the installer is working 100%

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