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Archiwal version

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Why do you need that version? It contains bugs and suffers from issues that were fixed in later builds.

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I need it for troubleshoting. I started upgrade whole serwer but first upgraded web console and now i can't upgrade serwer. So first of all a want uinstall web console and install console version with the same as serwer to connect and upgrade serwer.

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28 minutes ago, kamil said:

Could you share only web console installer for 6.2.171?

You can download this specific version from this link: ERA WebConsole Expected sha1 checksum of downloaded package is 520cfe8b312ace6998130da540417429c7ec474d.

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Thank you so much. That version should be compatible with .171? And how install it?


got it 

Unzip the new era.war file (that was downloaded in step 1) to the following folder:


Examples (use yum or apt-get to install "unzip" if command is not available):

mkdir /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/era/
unzip era.war -d /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/era/
 (jar xvf era.war)

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