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ERA VM: does it respond to ACPI shutdown?


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I am using the ERA VA image (vmware version) on a VM running on a KVM-based system, proxmox virtual environment (PVE). Now, I know that this is not a supported environment, however it works fine with one notable issue. Since PVE does not have something like vmware tools installed to provide host-generated commands, like shutdown/reboot, shutting down presents here a problem. PVE sends an ACPI shutdown signal to the VM, however it seems it is not obeyed.

I'm writing this to confirm whether ERA VA accepts ACPI shutdown commands. If not, can one install the QEMU agent tools to provide the same functionality as vmware tools?

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  • ESET Staff

From technical perspective, ERA OVA is just CentOS7 system with pre-installed ERA components. You can install any packages you wish, especially those without any interaction with ERA components. Regarding shutdown, there is no special handling in OVA in comparison with standard CentOS7 system, so either this system has no support for it, or shutdown is stuck on shutting down services, which should not take so long.

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