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Is eset 32 anti-virus included in eset NOD Smart Security

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Hello Everybody:


I recently purchased a 3 year subscription to ESET NOD 32 anti-virus 5 over in Mainland China.  I would like to purchase the Smart Security 5 software now too.  Can anybody tell me if the eset NOD 32 anti-virus program is also an included component of the Smart Security software.  So, if I buy the Smart Security 5 and it already holds the same anti-virus which I already have, then I would have wasted some money.


Also, does anybody know something about updating of the software.  If I load this software, then will eset NOD upgrade me with the newest versions of anti-virus and Smart Security?


I would appreciate getting some feedback on this issue sometime soon.  


Thank you very much.

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Hello Andrew Scott Chichura

When you have a valid license then you can always, and anytime download the newest release of nod32 or Eset smart security. You can download from this site. And furthermore, if you hold a Eset smart security license, then you will able to shift between Eset smart security and nod32, as many time you may wish. This is taken from Licensing FAQ(home user) point 6.

Regards Janus :-))

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basically ESET Smart Security is ESET NOD32 Antivirus + Antispam and Parental control.

....let's not forget the Firewall  :)

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