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EMSX - Whitelisted domains are ignored - Bug?

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In my greylisting whitelist, I have whitelisted the likes of Google, Outlook and so on. When we receive email from any of these domains, they are not greylisted. This is the expected behaviour.

When I use the "add domain to greylisting whitelist" option via the greylisting log, an entry is added to the events log file saying "Domains were successfully imported" and it's after this entry that every domain on the whitelist is no longer whitelisted. Now, any email from any of the whitelisted domains is being greylisted and the whitelist is being ignored.

To resolve this issue, all I have to do is go to the "Domain to IP whitelist" within the Advanced Setup / Greylisting Settings and click OK without making any changes. No log entry is added to say the domains have been imported; however now every domain on the whitelist is actually whitelisted and these domains are no longer greylisted.

Is this something you're aware of?

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