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EMSX 6.5 Mail transport rules wildcard support

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We have ESET Mail Security v. 6.5.10019.0 and Exchange Server 2013 and I have a question. We created some rules for the mail-transport-protection - to block sender domain and server email addresses. But we would like also to use wilcards. Example: mobile*@aol.com

We don't want to block entire domain aol.com, and also blocking individually some addresses (mobile_xxx@aol.com,mobile_yyy@aol.com, etc ) is not ok (not enought). 

I tried to enter wilcard in email address (mobile*@aol.com) under rule with condition "Sender is/is one of" but is not working.


Dean Lazar

Intesa SanPaolo Bank Slovenia


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  • ESET Staff

Hi Dean,

wildcards are ignored - you can combine 2 conditions:
Sender's domain is "aol.com"
Sender contains "mobile_"

or you can use regex:
Sender matches regular expression "mobile.*@aol.com"

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