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UNINSTALL on Mobile Device but Still show on ERA Web Console?

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Hi there, 

I am facing 2 problems with ESET Endpoint Security for Android as below:

1. As mentioned in the title, i have perform uninstall on the mobile device (deactivate, uninstall,..), follow the link: https://help.eset.com/eesa/2/en-US/?uninstallation.html and make sure that the mobile device uninstall successfully. But ERA Server still shows this device although removed many times! I don't know why and how to resolved about this?


2. After installed EESA on mobile, It shows as Status "OK" but under details old status is mark as RED and do not go away, also not up to date massage.



As i know, "The hotfix has been released", but it seems it still does not work.

Android version: 6.0

Eset Endpoint Security for Android version:


Please help to solve 2 problems!!! Thanks so much :(


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  • Administrators

Please refer to https://forum.eset.com/topic/12434-how-to-remove-mobile-not-manage/ and https://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/client_tasks_stop_managing_uninstall.html.

You'll need to send a "Stop managing" task from ERA to remove the virtual agent from MDM. Just uninstalling Endpoint on Android is not enough.

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Hi @Marcos,

Thanks for your reply, let me try with Client task "Stop Managing Uninstall" on mobile device.

And How about case 2 i mentioned? As i see, EESA version still unsolved this issue :(

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  • ESET Staff

@HienKieu Can you please elaborate more about the the issue with the 2.5.12? I am not completely sure what is the actual problem. Is it a mismatch, between the device status color, and the individual reported problems? Is your MDM Core running correctly? I see, that the screenshot is not taken in the same time, it looks that the "problem details" is taken 9 minutes before logout, and the last one from "computers table" is taken 3 minutes before logout. Can you repost screenshots taken one after another. 

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