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ESET Secure Authenticator

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Does anybody know how to disable an ActiveDirectory users hard token setting using Powershell?  I have a PS script that disables a users account when they leave the company - everything works fine except figuring out the ESET SecAuth application is holding me back from finishing. 


# Imports module for running commandlets against Active Directory, and inputs user name
# into variable.
# Enter-PSSession DomainController // Need to run this commandlet from your local
# machine first.

Echo "You are about to disable a user account. Verify your information!"
Read-Host "Press ENTER to continue."
Import-module ActiveDirectory
$User1 = Read-Host -Prompt 'Enter the username of the employee you wish to change'

# Disables named users ActiveDirectory Account.
# "Locked Account" does not show but need to right click to enable
 Disable-ADAccount -Identity $User1

# Adds AD group "Disabled Users" to named user group membership
 Add-ADGroupMember -Identity 'Disabled Users' -Member $User1

# Set named users primary group to "Disabled Users" 
 Set-ADUser -Identity $User1 -Replace @{PrimaryGroupID="0000"}

# Removes groups assigned to named users membership
 Get-ADUser -Identity $User1 -Properties MemberOf | ForEach-Object {
  $_.MemberOf | Remove-ADGroupMember -Members $_.DistinguishedName -Confirm:$false

# Changes named users password based on Administrators input
 $newpwd = Read-Host "Enter the new password" -AsSecureString -WhatIf
 Set-ADAccountPassword $User1 -NewPassword $newpwd Reset -WhatIf

# Moves named user from current OU to "Employee DISABLED\DISABLED" container
 get-aduser $User1 | move-adobject -targetpath
 "ou=DISABLED,ou=Employee DISABLED,dc=DOMAINNAME,dc=com"

# Much respect due to the onesixooh!
 Read-Host "Press ENTER to finish"
 Write-Host "    **********************************************************
       >>>    Get the money.  Dolla dolla bill y'all.   <<<



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