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Mail Quarantine Web Interface not working

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Hi All

I have installed ESET Mail Security for Exchange on our Windows 2016 Standard Server running Exchange 2016 Enterprise

The scanning works fine and is picking up virus and some spam.. but the local quarantine web interface is not working

I have set the SSL port to 4443 and http port to 881 so it doesn't clash with Exchange Web 443/80

ESET web url is set to XXX.per.local/esetquarantine/

When we visit hxxp://XXX.per.local:881/esetquarantine/ it redirects to https://XXX.per.local:4443/esetquarantine/

Then comes up with the attached error



Below is the ESET Mail Security Mail Quarantine section config



Error happens in all web browsers. I suspect its got to do with the internal web server SSL certificate/RC4/TLS setting. Web url was previously /quarantine which did not work in case it was conflicting with IIS Exchange backend so we changed it to /esetquarantine but it still does not work

Is it using IIS or its own built in web server? I suspect its using its own internal web server? Microsoft IIS is not showing up any references for /esetquarantine or bindings for port 4443 or 881 anywhere






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  • ESET Staff


this error is shown also when there is no certificate bound to the quarantine address. You should be able to fix it with new binding. Open IIS->Sites->Default web site->Bindings... and add a new https binding with port 4443 and your certificate.

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