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Time limit for websites - request (or instructions if possible)

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I set browser apps as "fun and game". However kids are smart and they find other means. For example you can watch and browse youtube videos from within Viber. I don't want to limit Viber, I think it is important for my kid to keep in touch with his mates the whole day.

So I wish to make anything from youtube.com (or any other site chosen by me) not accessible if fun and game time is exhausted. From any app, even in the Appropriate category. Is this possible?

Before you say they would find other means, I know. This is something my kid asked me to do. He himself is disturbed by how much time he spends with his phone. I installed ESET on his request, so I'm not a control freak, I just want to help him when he asks for help.


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When opening a website, the connection is not maintained active unless some data is transmitted. Therefore it's not possible to measure for how long a particular website has been opened. Also blocking of websites works only in supported browsers which enable us to know what website is being accessed. There are quite many technical limitations on Android (or generally on mobile phones) that prevent 3rd party applications from tightly integrating into the system or other applications like on Windows for instance.

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