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Problems for deploy Remote Agent Windows 10 x64

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I have a problem installing the agent from the console to a Windows 10 x64 computer:

 2018-06-11 10:36:38 Error: CRemoteInstallModule [Thread 7f6d847c0700]: Executing remote deployment of agent 853d26f1-993b-4a20-ba20-919e1dd4b284 on 'poste_si14.protection24.lan'
Windows network remote deployment failed.
*** Error details: UnixWindowsNetworkRemoteInstall: remote deployment to 'poste_si14.protection24.lan' terminated with 32

All is ok, the Windows fire is off and the file sharing works.

Where can this failure come from?

Thank you

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  • Administrators

Do you use ERA Server virtual appliance or you installed ERAS on an existing Linux system ?

Is the following command executed without an error?

smbclient '\\poste_si14.protection24.lan\ADMIN$' -U 'Administrator'
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I use the virtual appliance.
The command tells me that 'smbclient' is not installed.

-bash: smbclient: command not found

I have no problem for deployment on Windows 7 x86

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I think I found the problem.
The command to mount the ADMIN$ shared folder is not the correct one for Windows 10. It must be in version 3.0

Command in failure:

# mount -t cifs -o username=XXX,password=XXX,domain=XXX //poste_xxx.protection24.lan/ADMIN$ /tmp/testdir/
mount error(95): Operation not supported
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

Successful Command:

# mount -t cifs -o username=XXX,password=XXX,domain=XXX,vers=3.0 //poste_xxx.protection24.lan/ADMIN$ /tmp/testdir/

Is there a setting in Remote Administrator to change the version following the computers?

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I tested by modifying the UnixWindowsNetworkRemoteInstall.sh file on line 134 by adding "vers=3.0" the deployment works.

LANG= mount -t cifs -o "${mount_domain_option}username=$ERA_RD_WN_USERNAME,vers=3.0" "$remote_cifs_share" "$local_cifs_mount"

This parameter should be dynamic

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The problem is not resolved, the agent_x64.msi file is available in% windir% / temp but it does not install.
I have the same problem as this post: https://forum.eset.com/topic/9492-console-says-agent-deployed-successfully-but-did-not-install/

However, I do not see any solutions

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please check for log file ra-agent-install.log which will be most probably located in the same directory as MSI package? In case there is MSI file, seems that installation at least started (does last modification date of MSI package corresponds to time of task execution?) but might have failed. Hopefully failure reason will be visible in mentioned log, it might be either wrong parameter or system may be in state when it is not able to install packages - for example in pending-reboot state, etc.

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The ra-agent-install.log file is not in the folder.
The files that are created:
- agent_x64.msi
- sha1sum.exe
- era.ca.der.b64
- era.peer.pfx.b64

Even after a reboot, it does not work.

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  • ESET Staff

It is just guessing, but after all those files are dropped, remaining operations are:

  • checksum verification of downloaded AGENT installer. Technically command:
    sha1sum.exe agent_x64.msi 8a4ee12fa046d4d05a73f1c108383425fc8eee24

    is executed, where 8a4ee12fa046d4d05a73f1c108383425fc8eee24 is expected checksum for x64 AGENT installer for ERA 6.5.522.0. Only issue related to checksum verification I remember is problem with TEMP paths containing non-ascii characters, but I guess this is not the issue, as it is executed as system.

  • Installation itself is started by executing MSIEXEC.EXE with appropriate command line parameters. This operations should be logged in previously mentioned file ra-agent-install.log locate in temp directory, but in case it is missing, it might have failed instantly or was not even started.

My recommendation in case you have direct access to affected machine is to create "Agent live installer" in ERA (BAT file) and execute it on target machine. It will perform the same operations, but under context of your account, and with output to terminal, which might help to identify this issue.

Also is there any change in result code of remote deployment? Previously mentioned error 32 was related to SMB protocol version issue (btw. future versions, including 7.0 will be testing various settings to accommodate client configuration, including vers=3.0). Also have you verified that AGENT is not installed -> asking because sometimes administrators consider AGENT to be not installed even in case it actually is, but it fails to connect to ERA.

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The command with sha1sim.exe tells me this:


With the BAT file I have this return:

Installing ESET Remote Administrator 6 Agent ...
Installation failed with error code 1

And I confirm that the agent is not installed

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