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Tracking of lost/stolen device does not enable GPS?

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Hi folks,


Just bought the premium version of EMS and started to test the anti-theft tools and SMS commands... for my surprise, I'm unable to track my device if GPS was not previously active before the lost.


Well, GPS is a great battery killer and I don;t see any reason to keep it up all the time. Only when I need to consult maps or something. It also consumes data traffic, and if I'm is a Edge network this can be a PITA and expensive.


So, I went after the FAQ for Android and there they say GPS needs to be active before the tracking. Why on earth ESET can't activate the GPS via SMS in case is not turned on? Is this some limitation imposed by Google or privacy laws? If so, I pass it in order to track my device...


If I'm not wrong, GPS can be activated automatically via SMS in competitor products... This app on PlayStore claims they can do it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nelson.gpsenable&hl=en


Why can't ESET deliver a complete tool? I'm I missing something here?


Many thanks,





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Look at the reviews of that app MillTurn.


It barely works.


GPS actually isn't a battery killer on all phones. Not on mine. I keep all 3 checked and running daily. (S3)

Google GPS

Verizon GPS

Standalone GPS


Have you thought of extended battery if available ?


Regarding the activate gps by sms , there could be elevation of privileges that Google doesn't like or it may just be that ESET hasnt been given this idea yet.

Either way, lets see what there response is :)

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