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Give us a UI window instead of only a system tray

Guest sindbad

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Guest sindbad


Don't know why it gets archived and I don't get an answer. What is the point of a forum then? Would love it when developers and other users can see the problems we are getting so they make the product better.


What I mentioned:

Normally you do a right click in the taskbar on the Deslock icon and click on SYNC.

We do have a policy at this company, to hide the taskbar.

How do I do a SYNC?

When I search in the programs list and select DESLOCK, nothing happens. Is it possible to get a User interface as well, not just a system tray? For example ESET Antivirus products has that.

When I click ESET Antivirus on the desktop, it opens the UI and I can change options. Deslock does not have it.

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