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ERA License Warning: "License will soon be overused"

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Is there any way to disable these "License will soon be overused" warnings in ESET Remote Administrator?

The only topic I could find on this issue was "License overused alert" here: 


However this topic has been closed and is in my experience incorrect. I find that ERA does not honour the "Disable License Overused" or "Disable Close to Expiration Warning" settings within ELA.

Even if it did, I don't think we should have to log into another system to change how things display somewhere else. ERA should have a setting to disable these "License will soon be overused" warnings. Most of our clients buy 10 licenses for 10 devices, 100 license for 100 devices and so on; they certainly don't buy 10% more licenses than they require, so these warnings are just a pain in the !


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  • ESET Staff

@viper.patrick Hello,

Do you mean the e-mail notification or the color highlighting of the license entry?

Mail Notification is by default disabled, coloring should reflect the setting of ESET License Administrator. Is the coloring a problem? 

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@MichalJ, I have since discovered that I was changing the setting in ELA when logged in using "License Key" instead of being logged in as "Security Admin Account".

When logged in as "Security Admin Account" and changing the setting "Disable 'License overused' warning" it does indeed disable the "License is overused" warning (see screenshot).

However, what I'd like is to be able to keep the "License is overused" (Red) warning, but turn off the "License will soon be overused" (Yellow) warnings. As I stated previously our clients don't buy 10% more licenses than is required (I'd be surprised if many companies do). So there is constantly a yellow warning in the ERA console about licenses (attached).

This is probably more of a feature request that a support request.





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