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Antivirus Lab Test Results Calculator


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I have always recommended in my forum postings that AV Lab tests should be averaged over time to get a "clear picture" as to a given product's capability. I found such a web site that automates this here: https://fatsecurity.com/tools/test-results-calculator?companyId=16&compareCompanyId=10

The feature I found most interesting is the trend analysis graph. Comparing Eset to Windows Defender over the last two years with all ranking categories: Protection, Performance, and False Alerts rated equally, I observed the following:

1. Eset has a significant overall higher ranking.

2. Both products show a significant increase in test scores during Q1 - 2018 testing.

3. Eset's overall test scoring during the two year period was consistent and uniform. Windows Defender test scoring during this period showed multiple "peaks and valleys" in test scores indicating overall inconsistent capability.

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