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How to set EIS firewall policy for Microsoft store in windows10

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Hi,I'm have a issue about EIS firewall policy for Microsoft store in windows10

By default,EIS will remind you to set a policy for a new program and remind again when the program updated.

But in the windows 10, some Microsoft program will let EIS remind you again and again,because the updated program will not in the same path.

For example

The old one is

"C:\program files\windowsapps\Microsoft.WindowsStore_11xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\WinStore.App.exe"

And the one after updated will be

"C:\program files\windowsapps\Microsoft.WindowsStore_12xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\WinStore.App.exe"

I tried to set the policy by wildcard as

"C:\program files\windowsapps\Microsoft.WindowsStore_*\WinStore.App.exe"   or

"C:\program files\windowsapps\Microsoft.WindowsStore_?????????????.....\WinStore.App.exe"

But the EIS still remind me to set new policy when the WinStore.App.exe be updated.

I don't set the policy as "C:\program files\windowsapps\Microsoft.WindowsStore_*" to avoid some Virus or Trojan hiding in it.

Would you be so kind and advise me how to set policy for these programs ?


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Since the firewall does not currently support wildcards, you can only create a new rule each time the folder changes. It should be improved in the future, however.

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