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Device Control Issue


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I'm having an issue with Device Control on ESET Endpoint AV 6.6.2078.5

We have some external HDD's that are showing up as:

Vendor: Western Digital , Model: External HDD    , Serial number: 57442D575841304136489847393537

And we cannot get them to unblock.... which I am assuming is because the western digital includes 1 trailing space, and the External HDD includes 4 trailing spaces.

The drive does work fine while device control is completely disabled.



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I'd suggest carrying out as follows:

1, Connect the desired device to a machine.
2, In the Device Control rule editor, click Populate.
3, Select the desired device in the list and click OK. This will create a new Device Control rule with parameters of the device already filled in which will help you also avoid typos in spaces in device information.

If that doesn't help, please post a list of DC rules that you have created so that we know what rules they are and what order they are applied in. Also provide device information about devices which are blocked but shouldn't be (copy & paste whole records from the Device Control log).

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