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computer pops up blue screen with error msg.

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I have a windows 10 computer on my network that is protected by :


ESET Remote Administrator Agent 6.5.522.0

ESET Endpoint Security 6.6.2072.4

Today out of the blue it started flashing a blue screen with an error msg on it and then would reboot. It does this infinitely until you manually shut the computer down via the power button. I have no way of retrieving any errors msg. as the computer is stuck in a loop. I have attached a screen shoot of the error screen. This computer is a crucial part of our operations, so any help would be appreciated. 


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You possibly have a corrupted Realtek audio driver: https://ugetfix.com/ask/how-to-fix-system_service_exception-rtkvhd64-sys-bsod-on-windows/

If you just recently upgraded to 1803, who knows since a lot of folks are getting blue screens from that. In my case, I had forgot to power up my HP laser printer prior to upgrading. I blue screened on the next reboot after powering up the printer due to the flakey way HP installs drivers. Luckily a hard case reset button restart after the blue screen did the trick for me.

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Are you able to boot in safe mode and get the memory dump generated during a crash for further analysis?

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