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What is the default certificate password?

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Following the guide here https://help.eset.com/era_install/64/en-US/index.html?component_installation_windows.htm

I get an error:

2018-05-10 09:48:33 Information: CheckCertificate: Set output property: P_CERT_TO_CHECK_STATUS = NOT_VALID_PFX
2018-05-10 09:48:33 Information: Checking certificate ended with error 'ParsePkcs12: Could not verify password (invalid password or corrupted pkcs12 structure)'. Path provided - '/home/admin/agent.pfx'

What is my default password for the certificates? This is a fresh install.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, By default, the password is empty, unless you have specified some in the product during installation. 

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