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ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 6.6.2078.5 and 6.5.2123.5 have been released

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ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security version 6.6.2078.5 and 6.5.2123.5 have been released and are available for download.


  • Added: Support for Windows 10 RS4
  • Added: Support for Microsoft Office Click-To-Run
  • Added: Switch to enable advanced antispam logging
  • Added: GDPR-related strings in all localizations
  • Fixed: Occasional blue screen error (BSOD) after update of modules
  • Fixed: Web Control rules not applying to the Domain Admins security group
  • Fixed: Exclusion for specific file and detection name does not work
  • Fixed: Logging severity not saved correctly in firewall rules
  • Fixed: Uninstall through Control Panel fails for password protected installations
  • Fixed: High CPU load by egui process observed on Windows 8
  • Fixed: Duplication in appended lists of Web Access and Firewall

Upgrade Clients to the Latest Version

Updated builds of ESET endpoint products are available from the ESET Remote Administrator repository and the ESET download page (version 6.5.x is only available from the repository). 

To upgrade clients on your network to the latest version, send an upgrade task to clients, or distribute the installer file to clients and run a local installation

Known Issues

See our Knowledgebase article for known issues in ESET endpoint products.

Support Resources

ESET provides support in the form of User Guides, fully localized application and online help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support.

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