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User Inferface Elements Merging Statuses

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Is there any way to "merge" Application Statuses in the User Interface Elements section?

For example, we have 2 policies

Policy #1 - Modify Presentation mode settings & disable presentation mode statuses being sent back to our ERA instance

Policy #2 - Modify Windows Update Settings & disable that status being sent back to our ERA instance.

The policies (in regards to the application statuses only) don't get merged, and the latter policy essentially re-enables the status sending in Policy #1

Is there any way to get these to merge, or would we have to create a new policy (going last) to configure all the application status reporting in one, but then lose the ability to have some statuses reported back?

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Policies are not merged. You can only enforce a particular policy to take precedence over other policies. As of ESMC (ERAv7), it will be possible to merge lists, such as Firewall or Device Control rules.

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