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Secure Authentication Windows 10 Updates

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Since a lot of our computers have now installed the April Windows 10 Update (1803) they are no longer asking for a OTP when users sign in.

I guess I will need to reinstall the software? Does anyone know if this is going to happen with each major Windows 10 update? and if so is there anyway round it?

Initially I tried to install Secure Authentication from the login script (https://help.eset.com/esa/en-US/logon-script.html) but it failed with a permission issue, in fact I could only get it to install on the client PCs when logged in as a domain admin, is the login script the best option to resolve the Windows 10 Updates stopping ESET working?

If so I will try again to get them to work.


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  • ESET Staff

Hi there

we would like very much to investigate this in detail. Are you able to create an official support ticket for this issue (via local reseller, partner, or directly) so the team can investigate further?

Note: Please be more specific, if you mean Local login (win) protection or RDP. And describe in more detail what was the original environment and exact build you updated to. Or any other information to help us understand the setup.

Let me know. 





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Thanks for your reply, I have since got the Active Directory Computer Startup Script to work (from the link I posted above), so it re-installs the software when needed and that seems to have fixed the Desktop PCs, it's not ideal for Notebooks as they may install the Windows update while out the office and it then means they can login in without 2FA after a major Windows Update, until they connect back up to office network... but I guess I can manage the updates so they only get installed while they are in the office.

Sorry I don't have time to create a support ticket right now, but the PCs had Windows 10 1709 and after they updated to Version 1803 ESET 2FA no longer asked for a OTP, we have installed Windows Login Protection and RDP login protection on all machines.

As I say creating the machine login scripts seems to have solved it,. 

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