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Help required with eset drivers!

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          I have had ESET Smart Security for about a month and i am using windows 10 without hips. I went to go uninstall eset to reinstall but not even the default uninstall methods shown eset as being on the system so i went to uninstall it manually. After using a ubuntu live usb to delete eset drivers my computer stopped working, it is an acer aspire es 11 laptop. I didnt create a backup since i was just uninstalling third party software drivers so i cant restore to a previous version.When i power on my laptop it is in a automatic repair loop and then i can either shut down or access command prompt. I hope to receive help of which may fix my laptop, and maybe someonebcould explain why this broke my laptop. I swear i just deleted eset install location folders and the following drivers:


I was informed by other threads deleting these drivers are safe and that it should fix my original problem of hips being non-functional.

Thanks in advance for any help

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I was informed by other threads deleting these drivers are safe

Where did you read that? It's not true. Edevmon.sys may not be deleted without unregistering it from the registry too. Otherwise you'd break the chain of drivers and the system will not boot in safe mode either. Try restoring the file, e.g. by booting the system from a bootable usb and copying the driver back to c:\windows\system32\drivers.

Next time instead of deleting files manually use the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode to remove ESET properly from the system.

Regarding HIPS, why did you disable it? It is as important feature as real-time protection. With HIPS disabled, you also disable other protection features: Self defense, Advanced Memory Scanner, Exploit Blocker and Ransomware Shield.

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Thanks Marcos, but i have now copied all the drivers i deleted to C:\Windows\System32\drivers

And i still cant boot my laptop i have run chkdsk which says there are 0 bad sectors, i also ran sfc /scannow where i got the error windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation. Do you know how to fix this?

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5 hours ago, cameron65422 said:

Do you know how to fix this?

Do a system restore from the Win 10 boot screen using a restore point prior to when you started moving files around.

Once back in Win 10, download the Eset Uninstaller tool from here:  https://support.eset.com/kb2289/ to your desktop. Make sure you print a copy of the instructions on of use it noting the section on how to backup your network settings. If you have any custom firewall or HIPS rules or other custom Eset settings you want to retain, make sure you save them using the Eset Export Settings option.

Next boot into Win 10 Safe mode and run and run the Uninstaller tool per instructions i.e. open an admin level command prompt window and run the tool from there. The Eset Uninstaller tool will create a log file and save it to the desktop. If there are issues with the uninstall, they will be noted in that log.

Reboot your PC. Assuming all went well with the Eset uninstall, download the Eset installer for your particular Eset product from the Eset web site and run it. I will download and auto update Eset to the most current version which is 11.1.54. 

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