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Delete infected email instead of Clean it and deliver

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Good day.

I have ESET Mail Security 4.5.9 installed on a RHEL 6 machine with EXIM as MDA. Even when the configuration file has the MDA agent configured with the following options:

action_av = "scan"

av_clean_mode = "delete"

action_av_infected = "reject"

action_av_notscanned = "accept"

action_av_deleted = "reject"

When an infected email is received, it is cleaned and delivered (not deleted or rejected); When that happens, log files shows (for example):

agent=mda, virus="probably a variant of Win32/Exploit.CVE-2017-11882.A trojan", action="contained infected files", info="", avstatus="clean (cleaned)", hop="accepted"

How can i set ESET Mail Security to REJECT or DELETE those emails instead of CLEAN and DELIVER?

Thanks in advance,


Reginaldo Bray

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