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DESlock+ Client 4.9.4 has been released

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DESlock+ Client 4.9.4 has been released and is available to download.


  • Improved: Performing a Windows 10 feature update using an OEM version of Windows 10 removes the configuration settings added by DESlock which enable seamless updates. Added self-healing to ensure the configuration settings persist.
  • Improved: Additional BitLocker status checks added when starting encryption.
  • Fixed: The fast startup/hibernate fix added in 4.9.2 could cause a blue screen (BSOD) related to power during startup on some machines.
  • Fixed: FDE metadata was not being protected by the fix introduced in v4.9.0 when using a TPM, this could result in the metadata becoming corrupted. This release corrects the metadata on affected systems on installation during upgrade.
  • Fixed: Full Disk Encryption would fail to start when components DESlock uses to check BitLocker is in use are not installed. This occurred on some Windows operating systems where BitLocker is not available, including some editions of Windows Server and Windows Vista.

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