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ESET Mobile Device locked

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Hi there,

I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy J5 Mobile with ESET Mobile Security installed. 

After removing the sim card due to work changing mobile carriers the sim guard kicked a fuss and locked the device. 

I'm glad the Sim guard feature works, however, not so glad that the device lock screen has bugged out. 

As per picture, If I click the "<" Arrow nothing appears to happen. Same with spamming the Home/Go back/Window key's...

There is no visible field to type my unlock password or view unlock options. 


It got me thinking, is it possible to restart the mobile in Safe-mode after the battery finally dies and remove ESET? 

If so..... Is there any way I can force a restart or drain the battery flat... It was on 100% battery life two days ago when the lock occurred.. 

I suspect I'll be waiting a few more days until it drains flat :S



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