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eset-problem with auto lading when windows starts.

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hello my name is shlomy.
and i have an issue with eset products i
would like you to help me with.
the issue is like this:
when i'm finish to install one of the
eset products it's not loading
automaticaly when the windows operating
system is up.
and i found out on "task
manager-"startup" option-"eset command
line interface" program or service is
not responding
when i'm trying to enable it or disable
so this is the problem.but i'm trying to
find a solution to this issue.please you
can send me an answer also to

please do it as quickly as you can.and
also one other thing the product works
when i'm loading it manually from the
"start menu"
of the operating system.but on windows
startup it's not.
so i need it to work perfectly.i don't
want to forget to load it manually
maybe i need to run an uninstaller of
eset av,eis,ess.or it's probably a
service.i don't know.



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For some reason ecmds cannot start egui. However, why it doesn't time out after some time remains a mystery to me. I'd suggest contacting your local customer care and providing them with a Procmon boot log and logs gathered by ELC to start off.

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