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Kernel Panic Related to Eamonm.sys

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Windows 10 x64 LTSB 10.0.14393.2214 (Win10 RS1)

Asus P9x79 Pro

i7 4960x


Asus 780 Ti 3gb ||| Nvidia Version : 391.35



So after a week of trying to figure out what was causing my screens to just lock up and go black. I find out ESET was causing it from lots of trial, error, and diagnostics of the memory, board, drive, and OS.


The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.


File System Filter 'eamonm' (10.0, ‎2018‎-‎02‎-‎12T10:20:17.000000000Z) has successfully loaded and registered with Filter Manager.

Eamonm.sys would load and I would get a black screens a second later.  Already tried a different power supply, uninstalling drivers, repairing drivers, using old drivers. Reverted to older video drivers. Windows is up to date. When I remove ESET, the crashes go away.  There are no dumps made because it causes a complete kernel panic and nothing is done. So far its been 3 days and I've had no crash since I uninstalled ESET. Would really like to fix this or help fix this because I've been using ESET since they started. What do I need to provide?

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If you have Win Secure Boot enabled, the behavior you are describing could occur. Eamonm.sys is Microsoft HCP signed but not MS driver cert. signed as best as I can determine. It all depends on the restrictions enabled in Secure Boot if so enabled.

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Secure Boot was and has been disabled. So I had another crash and no ESET installed but I got these notices before the crash. All the way from Processor 0 to 12.


Processor 0 in group 0 exposes the following power management capabilities:

Idle state type: ACPI Idle (C) States (2 state(s))

Performance state type: ACPI Performance (P) / Throttle (T) States
Nominal Frequency (MHz): 3601
Maximum performance percentage: 100
Minimum performance percentage: 33
Minimum throttle percentage: 4


And this was right before the Kernel Panic.

Connectivity state in standby: Disconnected, Reason: NIC compliance


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17 hours ago, jefrotone said:

I'm aiming at a faulty gpu <-> psu .

Or perhaps a faulty Spectre vulnerability BIOS or Windows microcode update? Have any of those occurred recently?

Microsoft rolled out a bunch of new Intel Spectre CPU microcode updates in the April Win 10 Cumulative update. However, I thought those only applied to Win 10 1709, i.e. RS2. Since you are using Enterprise ver., Microsoft might be applying microcode updates to all those vers..  

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@jefrotone the issue wont be with you Eset product, but may look like it. Are you running anything like ASUS ai suite or overclocking any of the components on your system ???

Also a bit more info about all "other" software you have installed on your system would help narrow things down a bit

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Hello @jefrotone,

in case you have a full memory crash dump, please pack it along with output from ESET log collector, upload to a safe location and send me a private message with link to download it and reference to this thread.

I may analyze it for you,...

The crash dump should be created even if system was in quite bad state, you just need to have them configured.

I would advise you to have the latest drivers available installed as they usually contain fixes for most serious reported issues, including possible BSODs.

Regards, P.R.

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