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Problem with Windows updates and old PCs


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The following common factors seem to have produced problems this week :

Windows updates for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003,

Old PCs - Celeron and Sempron processors,

low RAM,



It seems to me that something in the Windows updates downloads triggered Eset scans - which ran constantly, not stopping.

Then because the PCs had low specs, effectively they hung up for a LONG time, and users were unable to use the PCs. MS Outlook in particular was not useable at all.


We found this on about a dozen PCs at one place yesterday, all old Celerons. They use Endpoint Security through ERAS.

This morning we found the same on 4 old Sempron PCs, at a different place. They use Smart Security.


I'm just wondering whether anyone else has found the same problem ?

I'm not looking for any fix from Eset, because once we'd managed to complete all the Windows updates, the problems went away.


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The symptoms you've mentioned are typical for svchost.exe spiking CPU after downloading Windows updates. Make sure that Internet Explorer 8 is installed and is fully patched. Especially the following hotfixes must be installed to fix the svchost issue:

  • KB2744842
  • KB2879017
  • KB982381
  • KB2618444
  • KB2598845
  • KB2862772
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