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Restoring Backup

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Hi Guys,

I am planning to upgrade from ERA server of a client to the last version. He is using the ERA 6.1.444 now. Before beginning the procedure with him, I am testing in my virtual enviroment to check the behavioir of ERA.
Well ... The procedure described at Eset web site is working fine using the task: Remote Administrator components upgrade, but I am really worried about how to perform the backup if this process fails there.
There are couple problems that I am facing.
The procedure that I am following says to export the certificates, and backup the database using this command: SQLCMD -S HOST \ ERASQL -q "BACKUP DATABASE ERA_DB TO DISK = N'BACKUPFILE '"
Until there it's fine, but how about restore the backup?
I attempted a scenario where the upgrade task fails. I installed the last version and tried to restore the database using the command SQLCMD.EXE -S HOST \ ERASQL -d ERA_DB -E -Q "RESTORE DATABASE ERA_DB FROM DISK = N'BACKUPFILE '" but it just does not work. I tried this other procedure to restore the backup
use master;
retore database ERA_DB from disk = 'C: \ Backup \ eset';
The backup is restored after that, but after that, the ERA servisse does not work any more. That means that I can not restore a backup from an old version and restore it in a new version?
I tried to restore the database using the old version of server, and it worked fine.

But still there is another problem, how to import all certificates? I found the places to retore the certificate authority and server certificate, but how to restore the agent certificate?

What would be the mean procedure to restore backups? Like... If I Lose my server

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  • ESET Staff

Not sure I correctly understand, but steps:

  1. install ERA 6.5 from scratch
  2. Replace it's database to backup one, where backup was created from older ERA version

won't work, as running installer over older database is required to update it to version required by newer version.

Steps I would recommend in case database has to be restored is either to install older ERA (the same version as backup was created from) or:

  1. restore database from backup
  2. run ERA installer to install ERA over existing database (i.e. when asked, select existing database name and existing database user if possible)
  3. during installation, database will be upgraded to version required by installer


Regarding certificate question: when restoring database from backup, there won;t be need to restore any certificate as they are also stored in database. Exported certificates will be required in case restoring database is not possible and new installation (with new database) is performed. In such case, it is not possible to import CA certificate with private key, nor AGENT certificates. In such scenario, you will have to create new CA certificate and peer certificates, but using backup unes will be migration much easier, as you won't loose connection with existing AGENT installations.

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