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Blocking of unwanted spam phone numbers and sms

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Hi, I really like the blocking of phones number feature on the east mobile app but it doesn't do more of it.

For example, it can't block phone numbers by country area code nor blocking phone numbers starting with 1 number like "+4". 

It would be better if we can block spam phone numbers by country area code. You might think it may accidentally block numbers that you know of, you can whitelist it.

As for SMS, recently I have been receiving a new kind of SMS whereby no number is shown. Just a name like "Lisa" or some other weird name. I know currently eset mobile can only block SMS by phone numbers. Could eset team consider having to be able to block SMS that the contact info is not showing numbers but name.

So these are my suggestions.

1- Block phone numbers by country area code and block phone numbers by matching numbers.

2- Block SMS by name in the contact info where it doesn't show any numbers.

Hope eset team could consider these.


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I recall it's a limitation of Android itself. Will update this topic when I have more information on this.

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