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JS/Retefe.T trojan from SkypeBrowserHost.exe

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today I have gotten a notification that a threat was removed from my computer. I am very responsible and careful, so this was a first time in years something like this has happened, and has me worried. It was a .js file with some long, hash-like string that was stored in %username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\FREZXU48\ folder:


Now, apparently this file was created and accessed by SkypeBrowserHost.exe, which is a component of Skype, that seems to share browser cache with Internet Explorer. The file is in a legit folder and it itself results in negative when tested by ESET Internet Security. I believe that SkypeBrowserHost.exe is specifically used to display ads in Skype using the IE framework.

I did not do anything questionable from security standpoint in recent days, or even months. I do not use, and have never used Internet Explorer in recent years. I don't think I've launched it once since last clean Windows install.

The way I see it there are two possibilities:

1, This is a false positive.

2, The advertising platform Skype uses to display ads has been compromised and SkypeBrowserHost.exe is being taken advantage of to deploy malicious software.

The latter option concerns me a bit. If that could be the case, shouldn't this be something that should be reported to Microsoft?


I am getting this removed threat warning now every single time I launch Skype (Classic version for Windows desktop).

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Having the same exact problem starting today - yesterday I had no problem when starting Skype. The file flagged was JS file, located in the same folder as OP stated.

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